Hello visitor, and welcome to our site. We are pleased that you have decided to join us today. We realize that you have many options when it comes to shopping online. Please take you time and browse our wonderful products and take advantage of our online chat service. If you encounter any difficulty while browsing our site, please see below the name and contact information for support. We also offer Monday through Friday daily online chat for your consideration. We are Xclusive Apparel, a subsidiary of Cathey’s Xclusive Hair & Apparel.  We also own Xclusive Hair, an online hair extension and accessory retailer. Xclusive Hair URL is xclusivehair.net. Our firm originated in the Metropolitan area of Memphis, Tennessee and has offered service in the Dallas and Houston Texas area. My family has been in the Hair and Apparel Industry for a combined total of 50 years. Our experience includes Master Barbers, Hair Stylist, and Apparel Storefronts Owner’s. We are experienced in providing the latest trend in women and men hair as well as the latest fashions in the apparel arena. Our firm currently offers women fashion apparel, designer handbags, watches and their accessories, trendy sunglasses, earrings and bracelets, just to name a few. Also if there is a particular women apparel item that you seek please make a request online or by email at sylvia.cathey@xclusiveapparel.online. We strive to address all concerns within a 24-hour timeframe.   

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